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{ W E L C O M E}
Welcome to team_ash, a community dedicated to lovin' up on Ashley Greene (& company). The woman deserves some more love and this community is all about that... and also having fun.

{ R U L E S }
1:: Important rule: Respect Ashley. Respect her and her cast mates/friends/Marlo. Anything violating her privacy, *cough* nood/nude photos, is NOT allowed here. Other personal pictures are ok.

2:: This is not a totally serious business community. While we're here to respect Ashley and love her, off-topic posts and "fun" posts are allowed here.

3:: Posts photos (on-set, movies, candids, events, modeling) and any news. Anything that relates to Miss Greene is acceptable (especially when she's with Jackson, Kristen and Rob).

4:: Again, respect Ashley, but also respect your mods and fellow members. Wanking, bashing, bullshitting, and etc, will not be tolerated whatsoever. There's a difference between being frank and being dick. Get it? Got it? Good.

5:: Follow the rules and we'll be nice as pie. Please don't be afraid to post or comment. Mingle in with us :D

.::Other Posting Rules::.

1:: When posting icons/graphics, please put 3 icons and 1-2 banners/wallpapers as a "preview" and the rest under a cut.

2:: Please keep pictures a decent size and if there are multiple pictures, place them under a cut.

3:: Contact a mod if you would like to affliate with team_ash and also contact a mod before posting any community promotions.

4:: We'll be having weekly posts: Request/sharing, chat, spam posts and etc. Please feel free to mingle in those posts :)

5:: Diamonds aren't your best friend, tags are ;)


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